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These baseball articles and stories are not in our main categories, but you may still find them interesting!

Why I Love BBCOR Bats

I love to hear the discussions over the BBCOR bats. Well here’s my two cents on the subject. I love it! I’m not getting into the safety argument, that’s a whole other conversation. I’m talking about making hitters hit and let pitchers pitch. The days of the wimpy swing with a BESR bat that’s a double in the right center ...

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Who’s Job is it to Promote Baseball Players?

There is no doubt that the baseball talent throughout the United States is overwhelming. The difficulty in deciding who to watch is increasingly demanding for the professional scout. Especially given the tremendous increase in High School talent as opposed to the more established and polished college prospect. Consider that fact that the average Major League baseball team is allowed 50 ...

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High School Baseball Showcases

WHAT ARE THEY? In the past few years high school Showcases have become increasingly popular. College and professional scouts are able to attend these showcases and evaluate a number of potential prospects. In years past, they would have to attend several high school games and travel many miles to view the same quality of talent. In addition, they are able ...

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