5 Hitting Tools to Increase Bat Speed

Bat speed is developed through strength training and repetition.  To improve our bat speed, we can use a number of hitting tools including a swingaway, an overload bat and a swing tracker.  Using a swing tracker is a great way to measure progress.


Bat speed is what separates high school players from college players, and college players from pro players.


Increase Bat Speed


Now more than ever, college and pro scouts are using exit speed and swing tracking metrics in showcase events.  Players with the highest bat speed get the most attention.

Here are the 5 hitting tools that I recommend to develop your bat speed.

1. Swing Tracker by Diamond Kinetics

Using a swing tracker allows you to view your swing path and your bat speed.  By tracking your swings, you can measure your improvement and get feedback.  Seeing your swing path allows you to quickly identify flaws.  After making swing adjustments, you can effectively track whether or not they have actually resulted in improved metrics.

Hitting Tools

2. SwingAway MVP

The SwingAway MVP is great for individual practice.  Because the ball floats freely within the frame, you can see the trajectory of the batted ball.  With this feedback you can adjust your swing accordingly.  Hitting the ball at 8 degrees is optimal for base hits.  28 degrees is optimal for home runs.

3. Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine

This soft toss machine is great for solo practice.  It holds 14 baseballs, a perfect round for batting practice.


Baseball Hitting Tools

4. Meiga overload strength training bat

This overload bat allows hitters to build their hand, forearm and upper body strength.  This gives a hitter better bat speed and control.

Hitting Tools


5. Complete Swing Hacking Video Guide

This guide walks you through the mechanics of the greatest hitters of all time.  You will learn how to maximize bat speed, adjustability, power and consistency.

Along with strength training and overload training, we want to maximize our bat speed through optimal baseball swing mechanics. Learning how to create momentum and efficiently use the kinetic chain are two concepts that improve your bat speed.

With the Meiga overload strength training bat, I recommend putting the weight at the top of the bat.  This will be difficult at first, but handling a heavy bat will force your body to adjust and find more efficient movement patterns.

Now that you have the tools, put in the work and become the best hitter you can possibly be.  There is no substitute for hard work.

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Sean Plouffe

Sean T. Plouffe is a professional hitting consultant and owner of His training methods are centered around the movements of the best hitters to ever play the game. Sean is also the creator of "Baseball Swing Hacking" a video guide that explains the mechanical advantages that allowed the best hitters of all time to become world class at what they do.

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