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Geoff Miller is the founder of The Winning Mind. Winning Mind is a high-performance consulting group dedicated to helping people dramatically improve their ability to perform under pressure and achieve meaningful goals. Please visit their website at www.TheWinningMind.com

Slowing the Game Down

The most important mental game concept for maximizing talent in baseball. There’s an old saying in baseball that speed never goes into a slump. Not true. In fact, the saying is completely backwards…it’s SLOW that never goes into a slump! Invariably, regardless of the level of competition, from the Big Leagues to Little League, the most important factor for producing ...

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Mental Selection Characteristics of MLB First Round Draft Choices

Predicting success of Major League Baseball draft prospects is a difficult task. A multitude of factors must be  considered by baseball organizations who pore over scouting reports, stat sheets, speed gun readings and stopwatch times to find that crucial piece of information that can be used to find future stars. Physical, mental and social factors contribute mightily to which players ...

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