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For over 25 years thousands of happy clients have learned the correct way to BeABetterHitter using Joe's unique and effective baseball hitting tips. Joe compiled a 641-358-2 career record at Tulane University and was inducted into the Tulane Athletic Hall of Fame. Joe is also the inventor of The Speed Bat, which when combined with the Speed Balls creates the XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System!

Hand Position for a Powerful Swing

In this article we will cover the basic batting stance, including how to practice the right style sure to increase bat speed. You will learn tips that include how the bottom hand takes you to the ball. And the role of the top hand, which is the power hand. Also taught is how and why the back arm forms a ...

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Developing the Proper Bat Path

First, let us understand the direction the ball comes to us. A pitcher pitches off of a 10 inch mound and because he is elevated when he pitches the ball, the ball will come to the hitter diagonally down. If you can visualize a ball coming to a hitter on a downward plane and the hitter also swinging on a ...

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Eliminate the Strikeout

A baseball player has to be able to keep up with better pitching these days. As a former Division 1 baseball coach, I have the answer for this. The principles for the correct stroke are the same for fast pitch softball as they are for baseball. So, boy or girl… baseball or softball… listen up! In today’s game it is ...

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