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Baseball Soft toss Drills

Baseball soft toss drills. These baseball soft toss drills will help with your timing and with your trigger mechanism. When used properly in conjunction with the other drills, you should be able to develop a fluid, easy swing. Let’s get started!

The objectives in this drill is to develop good timing and good balance. Take your stance, have someone toss you balls from behind a screen just a short distance in front of you and little off to the side.

As the person tossing the ball brings his arm back (underhand), you should also be starting a backward motion. What I mean by this is; start a small coil back like you are cocking a trigger. Get in rhythm! Your weight should be on “the inside” of your back foot.

As his arm is starting forward, you should be striding ready to hit the ball. Another variation of this drill would be for you to take your stride early, wait till he tosses the ball, than take your swing. This simulates the off speed pitch and makes you maintain your balance.

The essentials of this drill are to maintain your balance throughout your swing. You should never be falling over at any point, or falling off to the side after swinging. Maintain balance!
The other essential is fluidity. This drill is to over emphasize being fluid. As his arm goes back, you should be starting your fluid backward motion, with your weight being transferred to your rear foot. As his arm comes forward, you are maintaining your motion by shifting the motion forward with your stride. Not your weight. Remember, don’t lunge, stride. You should be able to stride and put your foot down and still feel like most of your weight is on the rear leg. Strides are short, soft and to the ball! Get in rhythm! Practice!

If you follow these baseball soft toss drills and incorporate them with your other drills, you should see a vast improvement in your overall game.
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