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Fence Hitting Drill

fence-hitting-drillThe next logical drill to reinforce the proper hand action is swinging the bat with both hands. Here is a drill that will help you to get the right feel for the proper path of the bat to the hitting zone. The goal is to achieve a short path “to the ball”.

Remember, during these drills all of the essential fundamentals discussed earlier must be adhered to; grip, stance, pre-swing, rhythm, etc.

Stand facing a fence, holding your back arm straight out so that the tip of your fingers just touch the fence. Now, with bat in hand and utilizing the proper fundamentals, swing the bat through the hitting zone. Concentrate on taking your hands and the knob of the bat “to the ball”.fence-hitting-drill-2 The tip of the bat should not hit the fence. If it does, you will get immediate negative feedback.

Hitting the fence is a result of “casting” or “sweeping” your hands through the hitting zone. Typically, this is a result of allowing your elbows to move away from your torso during the swing. To prevent this make sure you use the 6 Steps to a Sweet Swing concept; Load, Step, Launch the Hips, Contact (Take the hands directly at “the ball” on an inside path).

Be sure to firm up your front side which creates leverage for quick hip rotation, resulting in a more powerful swing. To practice the proper attacking of the hitting zone, bring the wrist action into the swing. The proper wrist action “snaps” the barrel into the hitting area after the hips have launched.

Extend through the hitting zone by “pushing” with the back side (hand, arm, hip, etc.) Extend Again to reach the Powerful V position… and finally finish the swing on balance. Your belly button should be facing the imaginary pitcher.

Remember, every time you swing the bat, swing it correctly. Muscle memory is powerful, use it to your advantage. Make your muscles remember a perfect swing when you practice. Then, come game time when your muscles are simply “reacting,” your swing will be accurate, powerful and repeatable. Perfect practice, makes perfect.

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