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Inside-Outside Tee Hitting Drill

inside-out-00The use of an “inside-outside” tee is invaluable in learning to hit the ball the opposite way and/or pulling the ball. To properly set up this drill, place the ball on the “inside,” approximately 8-10″ in front of the plate and the ball on the “outside,” right on the outside edge of the front corner. The “inside” ball should be about 4-5″ higher than the outside ball.

The hitter gets in a fundamentally sound batting stance and begins his “pre-swing,” cocking his hands and body in preparation to hit the ball wherever it is “pitched.” His training partner then announces “inside” or “outside.” The batter attacks the appropriate ball using all of the aforementioned techniques.

For the “inside” ball, the keys would be to hit off a stiff front side and get good rotation of the rear foot with a balanced follow through (Right Photo). For the “outside” pitch, the hitter must concentrate on stepping to the opposite field side of second base, lifting the heel (but not rotating the back side).inside-out-01 Taking a smooth, quick swing at the ball with the hands on the inside of the ball, and dropping to the rear knee to emphasize the non-rotation of the hip.inside-out-02

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