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Boxers learn how to develop power in their punch by trying to power through a heavy bag that weighs anywhere from 120-200 lbs. Why is that relevant to a baseball player?

Well, certain players are power hitters and are necessary in the makeup of a baseball team. These players generally occupy the “corners” of a team; LF, RF 3B and 1B. If you play at one of these power positions you will need to develop power in your swing.

The Power Bat Drill is a drill that will help baseball players learn to develop power in their swing by hitting through a heavier object than a normal 5oz baseball. Training with the Power Bat Drill increases power through the point of contact! For a boxer, that means more of a chance to knock his opponent out. For a baseball player it means more of a chance to knock the ball out of the park!!power-bat-hitting-drill-02

Tools you will need:

  • A Batting Tee
  • A plunger
  • A flat soccer or basketball (or Muhl Balls)
  • A hitting net
  • A bat
  • A winning attitude

Here is how the program works:

  • Place the plunger handle into the batting tee.
  • Place the heavy ball onto the plunger (not required with Muhl Balls)
  • Execute your normal swing repeatedly

Most players will experience a stutter through the impact zone during their first few swings. By “stutter” I mean the bat will decelerate at the point of impact for a fraction of a second before resuming its speed to the finishing position. The goal of The Power Bat drill is to eliminate this stutter and ultimately achieve a powerful, smooth, efficient swing through the heavy ball. We want to eliminate this deceleration at the point of impact on the heavy ball. Achieving this requires proper technique and explosion through the point of impact.

Study the sequence of photos. Notice the balanced loading, the knob of the bat directing to the ball, the tucked rear elbow, the top hand “up” and bottom hand “down” at (and through) the point ofpower-bat-hitting-drill-03 impact, the acceleration “through” the ball and finally, the balanced finish in the swing. I encourage a finish that is shoulder height or lower which tends to promote a flatter path of the barrel through the hitting zone.

Encourage your player to concentrate on the proper mechanics and not concern himself with launching the ball. Proper mechanics will accelerate the bat head through the heavier ball. The flight path of the ball should be level (or slightly higher than chest high) into the hitting net. A properly struck ballpower-bat-hitting-drill-04 will have a “12 to 6″ rotation. When this same type of contact is conducted on a 9” and 5oz. baseball, the “12 to 6” rotation will result in rocket line drives that soar over outfielder’s heads!

Power is all about bat speed and solid contact at impact, not the size of the player. This drill will increase the power at impact if it is used on a regular basis. Once your player looks like he is powering through the ball with too much ease you may wish to increase the size and weight of the ball he is striking. Remember to always use a semi-flat ball for this drill.power-bat-hitting-drill-05

The Power Bat Drill can transform the lightest of lightweights on your team into big time Heavy Hitters on the ball field. I hope it helps you to BeABetterHitter.

You can purchase Muhl Balls by clicking the picture below. The Muhl Balls were specifically designed for this drill and are made of a resilient consistency and weight that are perfect for this training.

***The Muhl Balls do not require the use of a plunger as their weight will not collapse a tee.***


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