Fundamental Baseball Skills

The Baseball Hit Chart

Count Hitter’s Expectation (Thought) Expected Batting Avg.
0-0 Fastball (See it-Hit it!) .318
0-1 Pitchers Choice (My Pitch/My Zone) .238
0-2 Any Pitch Close (Put it in play/Battle) .094
1-0 Fastball (Tighten my zone) .359
1-1 Pitchers Choice (My Pitch/My Zone) .282
1-2 Any Pitch Close (Put it in play/Battle) .166
2-0 Fastball (Drive it!) .373
2-1 Fastball (Drive it!) .366
2-2 Pitchers Best (Protect/Compete!) .316
3-0 Fastball (My best Zone only!) .250
3-1 Fastball (Drive it!) .365
3-2 Typically Fastball (Compete!) .263

The Baseball Hit Chart is not a 100% true and accurate statistical chart. It is simply a gauge of probable results based on thousands of at-bats in game like situations. The neat thing is that you can take the above information and quickly see that when a hitter is ahead in the count with less than two strikes, it leads to RED HOT averages!

When a player is behind in the count the averages drop considerably. With two strikes on the hitter it generally leads to FREEZING COLD averages!

Neutral counts like 1-1 and even 3-2 tend to lead to decent averages.

Ironically, the 2-2 count where a hitter simply has to compete with his best against the pitcher’s best, it usually ends up in the hitter’s favor!

So, what can you learn from this? If you get YOUR pitch… in YOUR zone… up until two strikes you will be a much better hitter!

Or, as my good friend Rick Down puts it: “Hit what you want to until 2 strikes, after 2 strikes… hit what you can!”

Know your best hitting zone. Your HOT zones and your COLD zones.

Know your swing.

Have the discipline to swing at YOUR pitch in YOUR zone up until two strikes!

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