Baseball Strength Training

Baseball Speed Bat Strength Drills

So we have some exercises designed with the Speed Bat that are gonna increase that power and develop the strength, the fast twitch muscle fibers from the finger tips to the elbows. In the first exercise they’re gonna do, is called The Fan. You’re simply gonna hold the bat out in front of you… hold the Speed Bat out in front of ya. And swish it in front of you from side to side using your wrists. Go ahead boys. You want to try to get that extension all the way over. See how they fan out in front of them. That’s a beautiful exercise for your wrists and forearms. Okay thank you boys, stop.

In order to incorporate both sides of the muscles that are involved, both the pushing and the pulling, you’re gonna switch hands on the bat lining up your… locking knuckles. And repeat the process. May look like a simple little thing but there’s a lot of stuff going on in those forearms. If you can see it from the camera angle, there’s a lot of exercise taking place in those forearms. Okay stop.

Next little exercise is gonna take you a little bit of coordination. And this is called the Figure Eight. You can start out with big figure eights in front of you. So the figure eight starts out wide and then you slowly shorten up the eight motion to where you’re getting a lot more tension in the forearms and the fingers and the hands. Okay boys, go ahead. Figure eights. And again this looks like such a simple little exercise but if you look at the forearm muscles being involved and over a period of time the sturdiness of the XLR8 Speed Bat allows you to do this with great speed if you can. So you wanna try to increase it.

This particular exercise is the vertical snap… so go ahead and show us the vertical snap boys. Be careful not to snap backward, only want to snap forward. And again, looks like a simple exercise but if you did three sets of eight, three sets of ten, you’d feel it the next day.


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