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Power Resistance Hitting Drill

In keeping with the power concept of the XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System, I’m going to show you a drill here that’s really really good for developing the power from the fingertips to the elbows. We’ve talked about it before and it’s extremely critical. If you’re going to be a power hitter you have to develop that portion of your ...

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Load, Step, Swing Exercise

Okay we’re getting into the accuracy component of the XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System. And one of the drills that we really like to use is it separates the step from the swing because we’re talking about Load, then Step, then Swing instead of a load, step, and swing. We want to load, step, then swing. So it’s a complete ...

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The Power In Your Legs

If you don’t move forward you got a lot more power in your legs. You should feel your legs. How about a little more flexing with your lower half. Do it. Get down, little bit more. Little more, there ya go. No get back. Alright. Now have no flexion with your legs, none whatsoever, and try to keep your weight ...

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Baseball Speed Bat Strength Drills

So we have some exercises designed with the Speed Bat that are gonna increase that power and develop the strength, the fast twitch muscle fibers from the finger tips to the elbows. In the first exercise they’re gonna do, is called The Fan. You’re simply gonna hold the bat out in front of you… hold the Speed Bat out in ...

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The Bob Stick

One of the neat products that we’ve identified.. it really works extremely well with the XLR8 speed bat hitting system is called The Bob Stick. And essentially what this is, is a tool that has a very small target, a foam ball that you can hit over and over and over. There’s no shock transmitted to the person who is ...

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Your Head Follows Your Hands

Your Head Follows Your Hands. Think about it.. As your hands go back your heads follows your hands. So if my hands go back my head goes back. If my hands go from high to low your head goes down and it’s not until after contact that your head will end up on your front. Just like throwing. Now this ...

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