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Load, Step, Swing Exercise

Okay we’re getting into the accuracy component of the XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System. And one of the drills that we really like to use is it separates the step from the swing because we’re talking about Load, then Step, then Swing instead of a load, step, and swing. We want to load, step, then swing. So it’s a complete separate motion.

So in order to develop the muscle memory involved in that we have some particular exercises that we use that enhance that muscle memory. And of them, like I said, is this Load, Step, Fire. Load, Step, Fire – separating those motions.

You’re going to notice that anytime we utilize the XLR8 Speed Bat we will never use a regular baseball. We’re going to use, in this particular exercise, a light flight ball that’s a squishy foamy ball. Same regular size as a baseball, it’s just not a hard ball. Using a regular hard baseball on that bat would ruin it. Not that it couldn’t handle it, but it’s not the design of it. So, using a light flight ball, we’re going to do some Tee work on the load, step, and fire.

What we really want to see from these strokes off the Tee is to take this ball on a line drive that’s climbing just a little bit with that backspin right into that net about head high. That would be the idea swing.

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