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Power Resistance Hitting Drill

In keeping with the power concept of the XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System, I’m going to show you a drill here that’s really really good for developing the power from the fingertips to the elbows. We’ve talked about it before and it’s extremely critical. If you’re going to be a power hitter you have to develop that portion of your body. It’s called the power resistance maneuver. And what we’re going to have the player do is get in a hitting position, drive down to the contact zone that we call out. We’re gonna call the inner pitch.

So we’re going to have him get down to the contact position of an inner pitch. Go ahead. When he gets here, we’re simply gonna give him resistance and make him power through. Push through, push through, staying balanced, and then finish out through his swing. So it’s a nice symmetric exercise that develops the inherent muscle fibers involved in the baseball swing. So you could lift all the weights you want and do all the push ups you want, but this particular exercise is involved in hitting a baseball. And these are the muscles you’re going to need to power through a baseball.

Even harder to do that is in the outside pitch. Hit to the outside point. When it gets to that point, you’re going to have him power through now. That’s a little harder. He’s got to push through it, push through it, take him all the way out to extension, and then let him release. Right down the middle, get the contact, head on the ball, boom. Resist, make him push, come on, make him resist, push, purse through, extend out.

Because hitting a ball involves pushing and pulling. Pushing, pulling, pushing, pulling. There’s all kinds of pushing and pulling going on, and this accentuates that motion, makes muscles inherent in the swing work, overload, and then finally release.

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