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The Bob Stick

One of the neat products that we’ve identified.. it really works extremely well with the XLR8 speed bat hitting system is called The Bob Stick. And essentially what this is, is a tool that has a very small target, a foam ball that you can hit over and over and over. There’s no shock transmitted to the person who is holding the ball. And you can put this ball into any target zone you want in the strike zone.

What we’re gonna do with this particular product this time is.. they’re called launch snaps. You’ve just been introduced a little bit to the snap and how it snaps down. We’re going to snap down to a strike zone after already being in the launch position. And what this does is it creates muscle memory in the position we need to be in to hit, and then it also creates the concept that we’re keeping our hands back to identify the baseball on its way in to you. Once we’ve identified where it’s at then we can launch the hands. So basically what we’re doing with the launch snap is we’re going to get the hitter into a launch position which remember is in the third spot in the sequence of three swings.

So we’re going to go Load, Step, Launch.

We get him into his launch position, now he’s ready to strike the baseball anywhere it’s at. Of course we want him to already have identified the third that it’s in, and we’re going to put a third of it here. This is the inner third of the strike zone. We’re going to put this little bob stick right at that inner point of contact and we’re gonna have him snap down to it. And of course what you want to see the player do is get hip & knee directly in line with where he’s going to the ball. So if I took this strike zone bob stick and I put it at the outer portion of the bat and he got to the launch position.. load, step, launch.

Now he’s taking it at a different angle. He’s not as far over as he would need to be to get to this point. He needs to get all the way over (rotate over) to get to this ball, and less of that launch to get to this ball. So go ahead and snap down, buddy. Again, working the forearms from fingertips to elbows, developing power. Good. The middle third of the plate is the easiest one to hit of course. So we want to concentrate on getting a pure contact on this ball. Load, step, launch, snap down.

Works on your accuracy, developing power. Good buddy. Power and accuracy.. starting to get you two of those three components involved in the hitting system that we’re working here.

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    1. This is a product that we used to buy from but they no longer carry it. There are other similar products on the market today but we haven’t been able to find one just like the Bob Stick.

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