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Your Head Follows Your Hands

Your Head Follows Your Hands.

Think about it.. As your hands go back your heads follows your hands. So if my hands go back my head goes back.

If my hands go from high to low your head goes down and it’s not until after contact that your head will end up on your front. Just like throwing. Now this time try not to get any movement whatsoever with your head. I don’t care what you do with your body, your load, anything else. Just a little bit. Your head’s moving forward, before your hands even go. Stay there, stay behind it, stay there. Stay. Good! Your load is a part of the power play. You’re getting loaded so you can get your weight and your hands working together but at the same time you want to stay away from the ball. Staying away from the ball keeps you behind the ball which slows the game down. If you’re keeping your head still… I know you gotta be seeing the ball and that should be your only concern after the at bat is how well you saw the ball.

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Rick Down

Richard John Down was named the New York Mets hitting coach on November 26, 2004. In 2004, he was the minor league batting instructor with the New York Yankees. Served two separate tours of duty as the Yankees batting coach from 1993-1995 and from 2002-2003. After leaving the Yankees in 1994, he was the hitting coach with the Baltimore Orioles (1995-1998), the Los Angeles Dodgers (1999-2000) and the Boston Red Sox (2001). Helped guide the 2000 Dodgers to a franchise record 211 home runs.

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