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Go With the Pitch – Every Pitch!

Every player at one time in their life has heard their coach tell them to “go with the pitch”. Unfortunately, the only time players usually hear that phrase is when it’s an outside pitch. What most players don’t understand (and some coaches) is that you should be doing that for every pitch. The batter must be taught to “go with the pitch” wherever the pitch is thrown. This is a quick overview and will cover the three general pitch locations and when and where to hit the ball. This is the basic foundation you must learn before you can learn ...

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The Pre-Stride

The drill that we’re talking about here is what we’re gonna put Brian in, the Pre-Stride Position, to eliminate some of the problems of swinging the bat. First thing we do with Brian is we find out what Brian’s power base is. Okay. With his power base what we’ll do is ask him to get in to the position where he feels comfortable. And what we’re gonna do is make sure that Brian is not outside the length of the bat or the lever that he’s using. So as Brian stands up here next to the plate we’re gonna set ...

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Why I Love BBCOR Bats

I love to hear the discussions over the BBCOR bats. Well here’s my two cents on the subject. I love it! I’m not getting into the safety argument, that’s a whole other conversation. I’m talking about making hitters hit and let pitchers pitch. The days of the wimpy swing with a BESR bat that’s a double in the right center gap are gone. That wimpy hit will be a ground out to the second baseman with the BBCOR. Your “true” hitter’s, power or not, will still hit and the others will have to finally learn/ be taught how to hit. ...

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Joe Mauer Swing

The Key to Solid Contact

Throughout this website you will see so many tips and swing concepts that deal with hitting the ball this way and hitting the ball that way. How about something that concentrates and simplifies the basic fundamental of just “hitting” the ball? After all, isn’t this the most difficult task in sports? In this article we’re going to review those critical basics that allow the great hitters to make consistent contact. What is it that they do at the plate that makes it look so simple? Well, they pay attention to the most important of all fundamentals; Seeing the Ball. How ...

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Are You a Right Brain or a Left Brain Ballplayer?

Well, do you know? Let’s take a little test and find out which side of the brain you use the most. After the test I’ll explain why it’s important to know. Read the following list of words. Say the color of the word instead of the word itself. For example, if you see this: RED say “blue” which is the color of the word NOT what the word reads – “red”. See how fast you can go through the whole list! RED GREEN YELLOW BLACK BLUE RED BLACK GREEN RED PURPLE GREEN BLUE YELLOW BLACK PURPLE RED GREEN BLUE YELLOW ...

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Baseball Fundamental Skills